PhenQ Ingredients nopal cactus


The nopal cactus is found to be a very effective ingredient in losing weight. Naturally the nopal cactus contains various amino acids and is high in fibre.

The nopal cactus can also increase your metabolism as well as act as a hunger suppressant, which is a significant factor in controlling obesity.

Being high in fibre will also allow your body to flush away the nasty toxins from your bloodstreams, as well as lessen fluid retention.

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PhenQ Ingredients Caffeine

Caffeine is widely known to stimulate the body and mind. During physical activities, caffeine can increase the rate of blood pressure, the pulse rate and stomach acid production.

In endurance sports, caffeine helps to mobilize fat stores and encourages working muscles to utilize the fat as fuel, thus sparing glycogen. The glycogen then can be used during later stages of the exercise.

Caffeine allows the body to improve its overall performance during physical activities by increasing its alertness, focus and your body’s fat burning ability. It also decreases the muscle pain hence helping you get more of your work out. Read more about caffiene here.

PhenQ Ingredients chromium

It is vital during a diet that your blood sugar levels remain in check. Spikes in the insulin levels allow the body to crave sugar and carbs, thus leading to binge eating in most cases.

Chromium is known to enhance the action of insulin, which is a hormone that contributes to metabolism, storage of fat, carbohydrates and proteins in the body. 

Studies show that chromium has involvement in the metabolism of proteins, carbohydrates and fat metabolism, thus enabling the body to manage weight effectively.

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PhenQ Ingredients calcium Calcium is most commonly known to be beneficial to all the skeletal structures and teeth in your body. Not only that, but the calcium also aids in normal function of muscle fibres, nerves and blood in the human body.

Recent studies have shown that adequate amounts of dietary calcium can actual promote in weight management. The calcium components does not allow the cells in your body to store excess fat, instead triggers it to be metabolised effectively during cell respiration.

This process allows the body to burn all the unrequired fat without disrupting any of the normal cell activities. Read more about calcium and why its an important element when it comes to dieting.

PhenQ Ingredients capsicum

This particular ingredient is made up of highly concentrated natural capsicum extract. The active ingredient is obtained from various different red hot chilli peppers. 

The capsaicinoids in the capsimax powder supports a high level of metabolism, which in return has a high energy output. It also allows the fat deposits in the body to become mobilized.

The capsule formulation allows effectiveness of the chillies to be delivered without the oral and gastric burning sensations. 

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PhenQ Ingredients carnitine


Carnitine has many beneficial properties such as a weight loss aid, energy booster, and supporter of cardiac, neurological and muscular functions.

This naturally occurring amino acid is responsible for transporting fats from cells for effective metabolism and energy production. This metabolic reaction ensures the adequate energy is exerted to allow for effective weight loss.

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